Bielski Services Inc. License #538180 performs all non-masonry services.

Bielski Specialty Services Inc. License #77549 is a member of the brick layers union local 4 that performs masonry restoration as well as calking of masonry and frames embedded in masonry.

We are on a mission.

bielski-prideOur mission is to earn the confidence of our customers by providing unsurpassed service quality without compromise. We focus on our customer's needs to maximize satisfaction. We utilize our team's specialized talents, training and experience to achieve our customer's goals to provide building renovation services, maintenance, on-time and on-budget.


Safety is a key factor.

employee-safteyBielski takes special precautions on every jobsite. The safety of our employees, the public, the project and minimizing disruption to the surrounding areas are of utmost concern, no compromises.


The secret to our success is training.

gold-paint-detail-bielskiEach job is diverse. Special plans and considerations are made accordingly to guarantee all OSHA standards, state, local and environmental compliances are met. The hiring and training of our employees at Bielski is key to our success and our customer's satisfaction. This training allows our employees to take great pride in their work.

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